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This Is My Country USA clipart graphic.

After placing your order, your file with be available for download. It can be used for personal or commercial use on your own products, but cannot be resold as graphics.


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***The license is a single user license. It cannot be sub-licensed, resold, transferred, or redistributed in any way.

***Items downloaded from Emotion Designs may be used in the creation of personal projects, as artwork added to creations that you offer for sale, and for client projects. There are absolutely no limitations on the number of products you are allowed to create with each graphic for Personal or Commercial use. ( Use away! )

***The one caveat is that the art purchased may not be used in the creation of other digital graphics for resale.

***Items may not be used on print-on-demand websites, redistributed or offered as-is elsewhere for any reason, which includes the creation of digital or printed transfers. And, they (the graphics themselves), may not be offered for sale (e.g. reselling to a stock resource website).

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******If you are wanting to sell our designs in the form of sublimation transfers or vinyl transfers you need to purchase our extended license here https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/592868108/emotion-designs-extended-license


Regarding Trademarks: We do our best to keep up-to-date with any Registered Trademarks before creating any designs! Because of excessive new trademarks being applied for and registered daily, we can not guarantee that any phrases on my designs will not be a registered trademark.

It is your responsibility and smart business practice as a small business owner to research the USPTO database to make sure your products do not infringe on a registered trademark. By purchasing any design by Emotion Designs you agree that you are responsible for your own business and Emotion Designs will not be held liable with regards to trademarked phrases. You can always check the trademark database.

If it is discovered that one of our designs contains a trademarked phrase or we are notified that one of our designs is a registered trademark we will promptly correct the issue as soon as possible by either:

1. Removing text from our design and keeping the clip art, or…

2. Removing the design completely (if there’s no remaining clip art to display) and discontinuing the listing.